Religions Montage


For decades in America formal interfaith conversations have typically involved Christians and Jews, or Christians, Jews and Muslims. Increasingly, however, adherents of these traditional “Abrahamic faiths” are becoming aware of and thoughtfully beginning to engage devout representatives of various Asian religions. In neighborhoods, in classrooms, in professional settings and in the public square, Americans are discovering the need to understand the religious values and customs of, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and others. Many peoples of the western world are hard pressed to begin to understand and appreciate these seemingly strange and unfamiliar eastern religions whose presence is well established, and growing on American soil. The program explores how these religions are similar to and yet different from Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Hindu ParadeThe documentary was the Official selection Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival (2010), dedicated to the exploration of the human spirit through the medium of film and discourse.

Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival